Sean Norvis and Zara Taylor united their musical prowess, birthing a mesmerizing song that danced through the realms of dreams. Notes danced in the air as their new song painted dreams with melodies, echoing the magic of "Talk to me" and "Lost." A musical journey that began as a dream now resonates, making hearts sway to the rhythm of their extraordinary collaboration.

Sean Norvis is a Romanian DJ, music producer, and label owner known for his eclectic sound and versatility. He has released music on some of the world's most respected electronic music labels, including Armada Music, Black Hole Recordings, Blanco y Negro, Cat Music, Delmar, Kontor Records, Jungle Funk Recordings, Planet Dance Music and Universal Music Romania.

Born and raised in Romania, Sean Norvis began his music career in the late 2007s as a DJ and in 2012 as a music producer. His first major break came when he signed with the iconic electronic dance music label Armada Music. Since then, he has gone on to release numerous chart-topping tracks on a variety of labels, showcasing his ability to seamlessly blend different genres of electronic music.

Over the years, Sean Norvis has collaborated with a diverse range of artists, including Alex Mica, Geo Da Silva, Khrym 58, Justine Berg, Mr. Pit, Pacha Man, Seepryan, Snoop Dogg and DJ Lucian & Geo. His tracks have been remixed by some of the industry's biggest names, such as Dave Crusher, Dogg Scar, Erick Fill, M.A.N., Sebastiann, Stephano Rossi, VetLove and many more.


In addition to his music production work, Sean Norvis is also the founder and owner of the independent record label, Norvis Music Group. The label has released numerous successful tracks, showcasing some of the most exciting up-and-coming talent in the electronic music scene.

Sean Norvis's unique sound has gained him a loyal following, and he has performed at some of the Europe's finest clubs and at unique private parties. He is known for his high-energy performances and his ability to get crowds moving.

With his impressive discography and extensive touring history, Sean Norvis has established himself as one of Romania's leading electronic music artists. His work has earned him critical acclaim and a reputation as a versatile and innovative producer.

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